Bull Fusion Instructor

AFLCA Fitness for Older Adult, Group Exercise, Mind & Body certified

ALFCA Functional independence Training Program
AFLCA Preventing Falls and Finding Balance for seniors

Statford Career Institute Fitness & Nutrition Diploma

Hey everybody! My name is Indira Cabrera. I am the newest member of the great team here at Haysboro Fit. It's an honour for me to be part of such a community, and I am excited to take the opportunity to help as many people as I can in their health and fitness journeys.


As for my background, I am an AFLCA certified fitness trainer, with specializations in Fitness for Older Adults, along with Group Exercise. On top of what is mentioned above, I have also done some extra training in the fitness industry, such as a Fusion-Fitness Training (Pilates) certification, Zumba courses, and child-oriented coaching certifications. As well as this, I have done specific courses for the older adult, such as Physical Literacy and Fall Prevention. 


I am also very keen on training with the BOSU Ball, one of my favorite pieces of exercise equipment, and one where I have knowledge in its use through direct learning with the BOSU company.


Outside of the gym, I'm the proud soccer/fitness mom of two marvelous boys that make me feel great every day. As a family, we have been working together to keep a healthy lifestyle everywhere; we've turned it into a priority. Career wise, I have been working in the fitness field since 2015. Refreshing myself with continuous education has made me get more involved in an environment that I have completely fallen in love with. 


The bottom line for me is that I've realized how much we can impact others' lives in a positive way through coaching, especially by sharing meaningful information with them that they can incorporate into their daily lives.


My goal at Haysboro Fit and in my fitness career is to do everything in my power to make sure that everyone can live happy and healthy. This is the reason I've chosen to continue growing in this area, and I will make sure to give the community the best of myself, not only as fitness professional but as a person. 

therapeutic yoga Instructor

1000+ hrs of yoga teaching certifications including:

  • 200-hour Alberta Yoga College Program

  • 400-hour Sattva® Yoga - Hatha Style (Sattva School of Yoga)

  • 200-hour Iyengar Style / Hatha Yoga (The Yoga College of Canada)

  • 1000-hour teacher training certification from Yoga College of Canada.

I am a yoga instructor who gained knowledge of yoga through many years of passion for my own practice.  I have had many teachers and training that have fine tuned my journey. I was like many yogis who practice, searching to find out the answer to what is yoga, who I am and why I was arriving on my mat? As I studied from one teacher to another my practice evolved from physical to a deeper practice that came from within. The Sattva School of Yoga taught me to "find the teacher within myself". Alignment is the key to finding these openings in the poses and the secrets to the eight limbs of yoga. We are uniquely connected and yoga is a great way to connect ourselves with our body, mind and soul. 


I am excited to help everyone of my students achieve balance, freedom and happiness in their own journey.