Marisol Narvaez

What's your favourite kind of exercise(s)?

At the moment anything mobility, running and/or kettlebell related. And it has to include a dash of awesome tunes. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention group fitness classes, but that's a given! 

What are you currently training for?

I'm always working towards bettering myself as a mom, a partner, and as an athlete.  I recently completed the virtual Scotiabank Marathon and Calgary Police Half Marathon. While I finished both races well under my target goal, I've now set my sights on qualifying for the Boston Marathon and completing my first ultra-marathon (Grizzly Ultra). That means a lot of aerobic and strength training, and working with Steven on improving my power and speed. I'm lucky to have Steven as both a coach and a life partner; he motivates me every step of the way and challenges me to discover what I'm truly capable of (mentally and physically). If you're one of his clients, you know exactly what I'm talking about!

You'll find I like to practice what I preach: have a goal to work towards that challenges you, but that also enables you to connect to the people, places and experiences you love. In this weird world we live in at the moment, this couldn't be more important.

What do most people not know about you? 

Once upon a time, I competed internationally in martial arts, mastering my second-degree black belt along with a few broken bones, sprains and bruises :) Many of the lessons I learned as a competitive martial arts athlete (e.g. breathing, mind/body connection) I continue to use in my own training and with clients. 

I also really, really love poutine and chocolate, and I've recently discovered a love of mirco-brews.

What's it like being an active mom?

Since the birth of our daughter, I've had to redefine what it means to be an active woman. I've had to consciously make the decision to get in the driver's seat and work towards fuelling my life with physical exercise. It's not always easy. I get tired. I will try to find excuses. In the end, I remind myself that exercise brings me joy, but more importantly makes me a better person. Exercise is my key to a long and fulfilling life and I want to share that passion with clients.

What do you want clients to know?

I will commit to helping you (re)prioritize your physical health and nutrition. You can expect progressions in all my classes, and a healthy dose of humour and motivation to go along with the exercises. I focus on more than simply teaching you how to move functionally or eat well - I challenge you to embrace your body and empower you do so actively. 

When you come and train with Steven and I we treat you like family. You become part of the Haysboro Fit family; a support network of like-minded people from all walks of life doing everything they can to live their best lives through consistent and focused training. If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, come join us! New members get their first group fitness class free (email us to learn more) - it's a great way to test out our classes and get to know us and our approach to training.