5 benefits of personal training with us

  1.  Gain applicable knowledge
    We teach you to ask WHY before WHAT (e.g. why will this exercise advance my goals?). This knowledge enables you to progress through foundational movement patterns & advance your training both in our studio and in your day-to-day life.

  2. Reduce the chance of injury
    We are in the business of training you for a long and healthy life. That means training you to avoid injury and stave off aches and pains.

  3. Receive an individualized approach
    We each have a story to tell and so do our bodies. We account for your unique abilities and requirements when we train and plan actionable steps for you, and do so with these elements in mind to benefit your short- and long-term training goals.

  4. Be held accountable
    You need to be held accountable and we will be there to ensure you do.

  5. Find joy in training
    Consistency requires joy, and Steven will ensure you (re)discover the joy of training.

If this sounds like the personal training approach you've been looking for, than click below to learn more, or purchase a training pack and start your journey today!