Even trainers hit roadblocks

I'm writing this blog on May 31, 2020, the day I should have run my first marathon at the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon. In December I was feeling rather blah (that's a technical term for winter in Calgary...) lacking a tangible goal to aim at. (We tell clients to have one, and here I was not listening to our advice.) So I told everyone I knew I signed up to run a marathon, to keep myself accountable, and because I was so darn excited about it.

Jump to mid-February and I found myself suffering from runner's knee; that bothersome, often debilitating pain that for me translated to calling home for a pick-up mid-way through a run because I simply couldn't handle it anymore. After a few physio sessions and focused strength and mobility work (thank you, Steven), I found myself on the path again. But there was another roadblock to come.

With runner's knee in the rearview mirror, I was feeling strong and ready to tackle the training ahead of me to run 42.2 km in four hours. That was until the global pandemic changed life. Though with many oceanliners floating offshore, I hadn't yet appreciated what was unfolding, and the implications unmooring societies across the world. Then in early April, the marathon was indefinitely postponed. Another roadblock!

Instead of wallowing, I ran around the Glenmore reservoir + some today. Not for time or speed, but simply as a way to commemorate what should have been my race day. I ran past other runners that I'm sure were also marking the day. The sun shone, then the wind blew, the rain started, and thunder pushed me home. It could not have been more symbolic or cathartic.

Tired and wet, but content after ~18km run

As fitness trainers, it is our job to help clients recognize obstacles and either move them or find another path. It seems so easy. Then that obstacle is the complete removal of your goal. So I recognized it, made amends with it, and ran for myself today - no participant medal waiting to be had.

I'm now going to run a virtual marathon in September - a new goal (with likely more obstacles!). This means adjusting my training and focusing on building a base (more on that in next week's blog) to crush that September 20th race (now you all know, so keep me accountable!).

Regardless of where you are on your fitness journey I hope you choose to rage against the roadblocks. And if you're struggling, I get it. I've been there (right here!) and very soon we'll be open again to help form and point you at your goal. In the meantime, consider taking part in Global Running Day on Wednesday, June 5th. Even if you're not a runner, consider joining the Run 1 Tag 1 challenge. It calls us to celebrate being active during these unprecedented times by running or walking 1 mile or completing an at-home exercise for someone that inspires you. Use #Run1Tag1 #GlobalRunningDay and #ActsofStrength to show us how you're conquering those roadblocks, whatever they might.