How Pilates supports your mental health

Hi, my name is Carissa and my husband and I have recently opened Courage Bird Pilates, a boutique studio in Haysboro. We are grateful to Marisol and Steven for allowing us to share our passion for Pilates with you through their Haysboro Fit blog.

The team at Haysboro Fit has your nutrition and fitness needs covered. Together, they’ve created a holistic and well-rounded approach to wellness.

An often overlooked benefit to practicing Pilates is improved cognitive function.* Pilates can increase your focus, motivation, and performance. It positively boosts your overall mood by reducing stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

Some of the benefits of a regular Pilates practice include:

Improving your ability to focus: 

  • Practicing concentration and precision

  • Learning how to control each body part and movement using your mind

  • Increasing memory-processing speed

Helping increase your motivation:

  • Teaching you diaphragmatic breathing which helps to control anxiety

  • Improving psychological well-being

  • Improving self-esteem

  • Improving your sleep quality

  • Increasing overall vitality and energy

  • Encouraging the release of a certain neurotransmitter which helps to alleviate physical and mental pain

Improving day-to-day performance:

  • Generating new neurons (the foundation of the nervous system)

  • Increasing neurotransmitters

  • Aiding in the better survival of the neurons responsible for learning, memory, and higher thinking

  • Releasing negative thought patterns

If you would like to increase your cognitive function, become mentally stronger, and more productive, you should consider incorporating Pilates into your regular wellness routine. Your brain and body will thank you.

*Source: Impact of Pilates on Anxiety Attention, Motivation, Cognitive function and Achievement of Students