Want to live longer? Strength train every day.

You brush your teeth every day because it’s important to your health. Forget to brush your teeth and you could end up with more than a few cavities to show for it. Strength training is just as important to your health.

The average 30-year-old will lose about a quarter of his or her muscle strength by age 70 and half of it by age 90 according to Dr. Robert Schreiber from Harvard Medical School. In doing so you're becoming weaker and overall less functional. If that wasn't enough to get your attention a recent study out of the University of Michigan showed that maintaining muscle strength throughout life - and especially in later life - is extremely important for longevity and ageing independently (read: quality of life and ability to age in place)

Daily 'acts of strength' - how to start strength training, every day

Our clients start off by using their body weight and objects around them to build a strong and stable foundation. We ask them to sprinkle in daily 'acts of strength'. For example, the next time you get home from a grocery run try lifting a bag of groceries off the ground. When lifting that bag of groceries overhead, focus on pulling your belly-button in; squeezing your glutes; lifting the bag off the ground; and pushing it overhead. Congratulations! You've preformed a strength training exercise, no gym or special equipment necessary.

Strong and stable wins the race

Building a strong and stable foundation is the key to success in strength training. It enables you to scale your training from solely body weight movements to including resistance bands, free weights, kettlebells and barbells. Stability starts with a strong core and engaged glutes. Your house is built on cement to keep it upright. These daily 'acts of strength' train your core and glutes to become the cement needed keep you upright.

Take a break from reading this. Stand up. Practice tucking your belly button in and squeezing your glutes. Do this everyday. You’ve started to make cement.

Technique and consistency are key

Just as you were taught to brush your teeth we recommend finding a certified strength training coach to teach you the basics of strength training. Sign-up to our newsletter or follow us on social media (@haysborofit) for tips and videos on strength training exercises. Beginners should start off with 15 minutes of strength training exercises every day.

If you’re the type of person who brushes every day - and flosses (of course), you’re the type of person who should be strength training everyday. The decade older version of you will thank you.