Three simple steps to weight loss. It's a battle. Wage it.

Here’s a pithy point on losing weight by Coach Dan John. After retiring from track and field he, admittedly, put a bit of weight on. After catching himself unimpressed in the mirror one too many times, he pledged to battle the weight head on.

The origins of Coach John's weight loss journey may sound familiar to some readers. The difference is that Coach John waged a month long battle on his weight. “Fat loss is an all-out war,” writes Coach John, "Attack it with all you have. It’s not a lifestyle choice; it’s a battle. Lose fat, and then get back into moderation." When the months over then it’s a lifestyle.

With so many of us staying home due to COVID-19 there is no better time than now to start your weight loss battle and to educate yourself on nutrition. Here’s the first chapter in that textbook: eat less white food. Sounds a bit bizarre, doesn't it?

You're simply trying to reduce simple carbohydrates: sugar, flour, white rice, pasta, potatoes. Unless you're exercising a drastic amount, calories from "white food" gets stored as fat. One other thing, don't drink calories. Tea, coffee, water. That's it. This might sound drastic. It is. We're not religious, but the Bible captures this perfectly. From Revelation 3:16:

So I will spit you out of my mouth, because you are only warm and not hot or cold.

Weight loss, not as an battle, is lukewarm. It will spit you out. Admit it, you've had many years being lax with what you put in your body. Take this unique moment in history to take the reigns and put your health first. It’s time to battle against the lax you.

One more thing from Coach John. When he waged his battle, he let everyone know he was going up the River Dark (think Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness). Share your intentions with everyone around you - it will keep you accountable. Use social media to your advantage. Chronicle your daily victories and share your personal struggles (you'll have'em).

To recap:

Step 1: Declare your battle, today.

Step 2: Plant the flag on white foods and drinkable calories. Your future, healthier, self will thank you.

Step 3: Hold yourself accountable.

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