Let's get

(ACTIVE) together

Benefits of semi-private training

  1. Remain active during covid-19
    You and your group (up to 4 people) can remain active during covid-19 in a safe and sanitized setting*, virtually and/or outdoors.

    *indoor training is reserved to cohorts from the same household.

  2. Extra motivation and accountability
    There’s no question that working out in a small group provides extra motivation and accountability.

  3. Save money
    For the most part semi-private training is less expensive than personal training. Not only do you get to connect with friends, family and/or neighbours, but you save money too!

  4. Find joy in training
    Consistency requires joy, and we will ensure you and your group (re)discover the joy of training. At the end of each session we guarantee smiles and high-elbows all around!

Plans and pricing

We have two different pricing structures.

  1. Plans
    For every schedule and budget
  2. A-la-carte
    For the times your group needs a refresher

Pre-session tips

Please ensure you arrive in your workout clothing; access to the bathroom is reserved for staff use or emergencies only. We recommend only bringing the essentials including: an exercise mat; training shoes and/or socks; a filled water bottle; and towel. There is room to hang your coat and bag and needed. Check out our studio photos to get acquainted with the space.

What makes your approach unique?

When you train with us you can expect high-quality, personalized and certified fitness training in a boutique studio setting. We work with you and your group to customized your sessions to meet the collective goals of the group and adjust accorindgly based on the feedback we receive during sessions and follow-ups. Our goal is to teach your group how to move your body in a safe and effective way, and help keep you accountable. We do so in a judgement free manner that promotes community and friendship amongst like-minded instructors and clients. Our fitness approach capitalizes on bodyweight exercises and the use of minimal and/or easily accessible equipment. The rationale is simple: we want our clients to learn to use and listen to their bodies without distraction and more importantly, equip them with the knowledge and skill-set to sustain their practice outside of studio setting for the long term. All of our personal trainers are certified (e.g. AFLCA, CanFit Pro) and are fully insured.

How do I get started?

Send us an email or give us a call. We will discuss your group's needs and schedule your first session based on everyone's availability.

Who is semi-private training for?

Semi-private training is best suited for family, friends and/or neighbours interested in training without a specific individual's goal in mind. The intent of semi-private training is to reconnect with loved ones and advancing general fitness. if you're looking for a more personalized approach or have a specific goal in mind then we suggest considering our Personal Training services instead.