Steven Snell

It’s not the years, it’s the miles.

I hope you've been blessed by many good miles over the years. I certainly have had my fair share. Some of which were hard on my body (for example: international competitive rowing), but beautiful for creating a lasting sense of needing physical activity and community; one could say the ingredients that helped form Haybsoro Fit. 

My life journey has always incorporated activity - rowing, mountain biking, running, mountaineering, climbing, swimming, paddle boarding, windsurfing, skate skiing. I enjoy/ed them all. For some, I had specific goals in (run 10 km sub-40 minutes) and others I did simply because they brought me joy and connection to the people, places, and things I love most. I'm over 40 now. I still have strength goals, but the aging process has made me more aware and appreciative of the importance of aging actively. 

Renowned performance coach Dan John suggests that older athletes (40+) need to rediscover and reacquaint themselves with two fitness elements:


  1. The joy of strength and movement; and 

  2. Having a goal - a reason for moving (physical, emotional, and/or social)

These two elements are woven throughout the work I do with clients. One does not function without the other. We need a purpose to move, and movement propels us to that purpose. My purpose is my family and community. ​

I became a yin yoga instructor and personal trainer to formalize something I've always done and to be able to teach my passion to others and learn from these experiences. Following advice from Coach John, I can translate a few teachings here for you:

Start yesterday. Today will also do. Being active tomorrow is much easier if you're active today. You're mind and body will start to crave it. If you're not craving it, know that a silent body will become unquiet when you least expect it and demonstrate this in varying and often unexpected ways (a muscle spasm perhaps!)

The best investment you will make is in yourself. So take care of yourself. Surround yourself with the people, places, and things that bring you joy. Find a trainer that empowers you and a community that entices you to put on the best miles of your life.

Aging is inevitable. I invite you to age actively with me.