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Marisol is always working towards bettering herself as a mom, a partner, and an athlete. As a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Marisol thrives on connecting people to their bodies and to each other.


Since becoming a mom, Marisol has had to redefine what it means to be an active woman. She has consciously made the decision to get in the driver's seat and work towards fuelling her life with physical exercise. It's not always easy. In the end, exercise brings her joy and she wants to share that passion with clients. 

You can expect progressions in all of Marisol's classes and sessions, and a healthy dose of humor and motivation to go along with the exercises.  She focuses on more than simply teaching you how to move functionally or eat well - she challenges you to embrace your body and empower you to do so actively. 


It’s not the years, it’s the miles.​ Steven has been blessed by many good miles over the years. He certainly has had his fair share. Some of which were hard on his body (for example: international competitive rowing), but beautiful for creating a lasting sense of needing physical activity and community; one could say the ingredients that helped form Haybsoro Fit. 

Steven's life journey has always incorporated activity - rowing, mountain biking, running, mountaineering, climbing, swimming, paddle boarding, windsurfing, skate skiing. He has enjoy/ed them all. For some, he had specific goals in (run 10 km sub-40 minutes) and others he did simply because they brought him joy and connection to the people, places, and things he loves most.  Even in his 40s he still has fitness goals, but the aging process has made him more aware and appreciative of the importance of aging actively.

Steven believes that the best investment a person can make is in their own self-care. As a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and Strong First kettlebell trainer Steven empowers his clients to find balance and a community that entices them to find the best miles of their life through physical activity. ​


Aging is inevitable, so join Steven on the journey! 


It all started with a commitment to get healthier and keep up with her kids as a newly single mom. Tanya quickly turned this goal into a life-changing passion for movement, for body positivity, a desire to help others move, and to inspire them to do so from a place of self-love. 


Her energy, humour, and positive motivational approach create a safe, authentic, fun and inclusive atmosphere. Based on knowledge, focused on self-love and nurturing, Tanya will guide every body to move to the best of their ability!


Down over 50lbs and maintaining, the focus is never on the weight, but on what the body can do right now! Tanya is continuously building and expanding her personal training, yoga, and fitness skillset. Tanya holds additional certifications in Fitness for the Older Adult, Pre/Post Natal population and Aquatic exercise. 


When she’s not inspiring others to move, Tanya spends her time exploring the outdoors with her two children and adventure cats, gardening, camping, and reading. 


Victoria is a Certified Healer and a retired Physician (M.D). She received her medical training in Mexico and Canada and belongs to the Association of Spiritual Healers of Alberta (ASHA). She has dedicated her life to helping people heal themselves by giving sound medical and spiritual guidance. Her friendly personality and positive energy attract people in need of physical, emotional and spiritual healing. 


Victoria enjoys expanding her knowledge and understanding of healing practices. Her inquisitive and creative nature extends to a love of painting and learning languages; she speaks Spanish fluently and is always searching for new friends to practice her Italian with. Above all, she enjoys spending time with her six-year-old granddaughter, traveling and participating in virtual group exercise classes and yoga. 


Christine’s journey into the fitness world started when a very dear friend asked her for help in regaining her strength after having many surgeries. Christine believes she should know what she’s prescribing so she became a certified personal trainer in 2010. More questions from clients and friends about nutrition sent her back to school to become a certified nutrition coach in 2016.


Christine believes that movement, of any type, is one of the main components of a healthy lifestyle. She is often heard saying ‘do what you can, just keep moving’. She believes in a total body workout, whether working one-on-one or in a group atmosphere. She is always willing to talk about your fitness goals and help you figure out the realistic changes you can incorporate into your lifestyle.


Christine enjoys spending time with family, golfing, curling, cycling, camping and walking her fur baby, Maverik through Fish Creek Park.


Lucia is Haysboro Fit's head of security. Her duties include keeping a watchful eye on the premises and ensuring clients, family and friends feel safe and welcome. When she's not guarding the street or studio you can find Lucia in the mountains or lounging in her bed after a long day outside.

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