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Rocky Mountain


Personal Training

When you train with us you can expect high-quality, personalized and certified fitness training. Our goal is to teach you how to move your body in a safe and effective way, and keep you accountable. 


Our fitness approach capitalizes on bodyweight exercises and the use of minimal and/or easily accessible equipment. The rationale is simple: we want our clients to learn to use and listen to their bodies without distraction and more importantly, equip them with the knowledge and skill-set to sustain their practice outside of our studio setting for the long term. 


Trainers are certified (e.g. AFLCA, CanFit Pro) and fully insured.

1 hr - $95

10 Pass - $900


Private Group Training

Best suited for friends and/or a family interested in training without a specific individual's goal in mind. The intent of private group training is to advance your general fitness and have fun,

Trainers are certified (e.g. AFLCA, CanFit Pro) and fully insured.


1 hr - $120

10 pass -$1080


Energy Healing Services

Intuitive healing is a holistic practice where our healer channels universal life source (i.e. healing energy) to help balance, heal and remove blockages from a client's body. By recalibrating your energy you can regain balance, vitality and harmony in your life.


Energy healing can manifest itself in a variety of healing modalities including: Intuitive Energy Healing, Tapping, Reiki and much more.

1 hr - $80

1.5 hr - $120


Studio Space Rental

Our 700 sq ft studio is available for rent by likeminded fitness, health, and wellness professionals. To learn more visit The Studio page.

1 hr - $22 

Full Day - $150

Prvae Group T

Get in Touch

403-305-2868 (call or text)

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